Become a student of the game.

Through hitting training with the NJ Marlins, our instructors will cover all of the hitting fundamentals such as bat path, stride separation, weight distribution, and hand positioning. Our instructors are determined to help you grow as an athlete as well as become a student of the game.


Catch with former Baltimore Oriole.

Brandon Coluccio, former Baltimore Oriole will be handling all of the catching instruction for the upcoming winter workouts. He will be covering all of the facets of catching such as receiving, blocking, footwork, and communication skills. Brandon has been with the Marlins for over 10 years, and he is excited to get things underway with the future Marlins!


Understand the importance of proper mechanics and arm care.

Jared Graziano will be the head instructor for the pitchers. Jared competed at the Division 1 level, and was Assistant Coach at Felician University. Jared prides himself in teaching the importance of proper mechanics, and the procedures of taking care of yourself as a pitcher. Brennan Price and Quinn Taylor will work with the NJ Marlins pitchers as well.


Improve your footwork, speed and agility.

Nick Koman, Anthony Yaccarine, and Ronnie Grant will primarily be handling all of the infield and outfield training. Each of our coaches were four-year starters at their respective universities, where they each earned many personal accolades and helped their teams to many championships. During our winter training program, Nick, Anthony, and Ronnie will cover footwork, speed and agility, as well as the overall techniques to make you a successful fielder.

Unlock Potential.

Youth ballplayers at the Little League, middle and high school levels benefit from our program as we teach and develop the competition skills that make the game more enjoyable for the players and parents. As they mature in the game, we prepare and educate our players on what it takes to play and compete at the college level as they train with our Collegiate and Professional player/coaching staff.


Whether you are a serious competitor or just enjoy the game, possessing the performance level skills we offer will significantly enhance your baseball experience!


Unlock your baseball potential and prepare for spring by joining us for our professionally led winter workouts.